Cooking with Fresh Ingredients

When was the last time you cooked with fresh ingredients from scratch?

The secret of great food for house party - spices straight from India

My partner-in-crime Christie decided to host a house party with real food at her house and I could not pass up the opportunity to test out some of the amazing recipes we have learnt over the years. And to keep everything authentic we made everything from scratch using fresh ingredients we could get from the local market, as well as the spices C brought back from her Indian trip over Easter.

There's no plastic bag in rural India so the spices came in this little beauty...

The night before the party we started making dips, which I always consider as the life of any potluck party. First one we tackled was the French Pea Dip with Parmesan.

Mint to be 'chopped' for our green dip

Garden peas taking a little hot bath before being puréed

In the mean time red bell peppers and zucchinis were chopped and readied to be roasted after a sprinkle of olive oil, salt and pepper for an Egyptian Vegetable Dip.

Red bell pepper and zucchini ready to go into the oven

Even though this is a lot more work than getting a ready-made tub of dip from the supermarket, the results were totally worth it. They became the most popular treats at the party.

French Pea Dip With Parmesan

Fresh, minty and a little bit green, the distinct flavour of peas, was paired with garlicky pretzel chips. An instant hit with our little foodie group.

French Pea Dip with Parmesan

The red bell peppers, zucchinis, tomato paste and cream cheese miraculously transformed into this glorious Egyptian Vegetable Dip, paired with roti.

Egyptian Vegetable Dip

Egyptian Vegetable Dip with Roti

To welcome a party of 28, we also had these babies.

Pacific oysters from France

And this is where all the Indian spices ended up in the form of Lamb Chops rubbed in Pistachio Dukkah.

Lamb Chop rubbed in Pistachio Dukkah

Cooking with fresh ingredients is a lot more work than opening up some pre-packaged microwaveable meals, yet the preparation was so much more fun. If you want to share your love of food with loved ones, consider hosting dinner party on Food Revolution Day (19 May Sat) in support of food education and increasing awareness about the food we eat. Pop-up restaurant, potluck, cook-off… the options are endless.

Cook with fresh ingredients – no processed foods.

All dishes prepared based on recipes from Culinary Institute of America. Anyone interested please leave me a comment / email me for the recipes.


About Patricia

Born in Hong Kong and studied in England for most of her life. Transplanted herself to Tokyo, New York and finally back to her root. Having treated her taste buds to the best of these continents have to offer, she has decided to invite others to join her on her gastronomic voyage. Full-time food lover, part-time cook who wants to enjoy the pleasures of life, mostly at the dining table.
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