Breakfast – Island Style

Koh Samui is as close to tropical paradise as one can get. And what’s better than waking up to beautiful view of the Gulf of Siam and taking your morning cuppa surrounded by groves of coconut trees?

The hillside full of coconut trees on the Gulf of Siam

At the top of the Four Seasons Resort was Lan Tania, where we breakfasted almost every day (if and when we can get out of our lovely villa).

Lan Tania – Lounge

Named after the local blue palm, Lan Tania is the main restaurant at the resort. As it was drizzling, we chose to sit in the Lounge area under the high thatched roofs. For me, eggs are a must have for a proper breakfast. And I was so impressed by the Thai-style omelette prepared by our butler New, that I just had to have it again.

Khai Jiao

Fresh from the egg station, my Khai Jiao arrived in the form of a soft yellow cloud with crispy edges, along with a small mountain of rice and sweet chili sauce. Made from such simple ingredients, the Thai people created a universal comfort food out of eggs and whatever extra ingredients they can find in the kitchen, entirely optional. This Four Seasons version has little shrimps and spring onion in it. The multiple inner layers and jagged crispy edges really hit the spot. I am now ready for all the fun waiting for me on this beautiful island.

Although I ordered this for breakfast, Khai Jiao is generally regarded by the Thai people as a rice topper to create a complete meal or a member of an all-out Sam Rap (family-style multi-dish feast) to complement a sour dish or take the edge off a chili relish.

Let you in one little secret. In addition to the obvious list of ingredients (eggs, vegetable oil, a little fish sauce to taste, and a few drops of lime juice), the secret to the crispy edge is rice flour. Just a little bit will go a long way, about 1 tablespoon will do.

Beautiful view looking out onto Gulf of Siam

On a slightly dryer morning we opted to sit out on the Terrace which offers a slightly different view of the Gulf of Siam, and to satisfy my sweet tooth I went for pancake, but this is not just any ordinary pancake.

My morning pancake

My pancake, which was moist and flavourful, was adorned with grilled plantains, not the usual bananas that you would expect back home. Plantains are easily available around the country, and as they are firmer and lower in sugar content than bananas, plantains are used generally in cooking. The char gave it the perfect smokey touch that’s needed to balance the sweet syrup on the pancake.

All these amazing hot dishes made to order, plus a huge tropical fruit buffet, made up my daily breakfast in Koh Samui. Now you would wonder how I could stomach everything else that I will (soon! I promise!) share with you for the rest of my trip in Thailand.


About Patricia

Born in Hong Kong and studied in England for most of her life. Transplanted herself to Tokyo, New York and finally back to her root. Having treated her taste buds to the best of these continents have to offer, she has decided to invite others to join her on her gastronomic voyage. Full-time food lover, part-time cook who wants to enjoy the pleasures of life, mostly at the dining table.
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