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Cast Iron Magic

I usually do not explicitly endorse any products or brands on my blog, but I cannot keep this cast iron secret to myself anymore. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Chinese (yes! more surprise to come…) cooking demostration … Continue reading

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Healthy Summer Dining Experience

Even though we all live and breathe on this blue planet, why do some go to bed hungry while others suffer from obesity? To put this phenomenon into context, almost 1 billion (yes, with a ‘b’) people face hunger every day, when 1.5 … Continue reading

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Char Siu aka Barbequed Pork

Being born in this weird and wonderful city of Hong Kong means I have grown up eating and loving a lot of Cantonese dishes, and many have evolved over time to become our very own staples. Char Siu (or Cha … Continue reading

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Breakfast – Island Style

Koh Samui is as close to tropical paradise as one can get. And what’s better than waking up to beautiful view of the Gulf of Siam and taking your morning cuppa surrounded by groves of coconut trees? At the top … Continue reading

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Meat Free Monday

I am no vegetarian, in fact I am a carnivore, but this summer I have decided to support and follow Meat Free Monday, something easy to practise and helps reduce the environmental impact of the livestock industry on this planet we call … Continue reading

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From Wasting to Tasting

Hong Kong is glossy and glamourous in many ways, but there are hidden pockets of poverty where people go without a full stomach, or forced to feed low-cost processed food that is not nutritious to their children. As one of … Continue reading

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Happy Cow Makes Happy Steaks

As industrialisation has forever changed the way we produce food, generations of farmers have tried to boost livestock production through breeding and feeds to shorten growth cycles, getting more meat to the market to feed the increasing population. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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